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Free Pattern for Amigurumi Lion

Designer:Tatyana Razuvaeva

Hi there...
One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the amigurumi lion, whose design belong to Tatyana Razuvaeva. You can learn how to crochet these lion using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to Tatyana Razuvaevafor this cute lion.

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• YarnArt JEANS yarn shade 01 (white) – for the muzzle.
• Yarn YarnArt JEANS shade 35 (yellow) – for the body.
• YarnArt JEANS yarn shade 40 (brown) – for embroidery nose and legs design.
• Yarn Alize Cotton Gold shade 89 (terracotta) – for mane.
• YarnArt JEANS or Alize Cotton Gold yarn of any the shade you like – for panties.

• Hook No. 2.
• Filler (holofiber, synthepuh).
• 8 mm eyes on a secure mount.
• A long needle with a large eye for weights and thread fastenings.
• Needle for stitching toy parts.
• Scissors.
Using these materials and an average density of knitting, the toy turns out to be about 15 cm tall.


sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
sl-st – slip stitch
hdc – half double crochet
hdc inc – half double crochet increase



1.5 chain pull, inc, 2sc, 3inc into the final sc, 3sc: 10sc
2.2inc, 2sc, 3inc, 2sc, inc: 16sc
3 (sc, inc) * 2,2sc, 8sc, inc, 3sc, inc: 23sc
4-6: 23sc

Cut the thread.
6 chain check in yellow color for getting long drop sew on rope 5sc, 1 chain check, 5sc
7.Yellow in color as in the head and knitted piece in 2 layers 5sc eg, 17sc: 22sc we keep the long rope 3-4. sewing between the rows.
8. 7sc,(hdcinc)*7,8sc:29sc
9. 4sc,inc,sc,hdc,(hdc,hdcinc)*7,hdc,sc,inc,5sc:38sc

10. 6sc,(3sc,inc)*6,8sc:44sc
11. 15sc,inc,12sc,inc,15sc:46sc
12. 20sc,inc,5sc,inc,19sc:48sc
13-18: 48sc

Insert the eyes into the 8th row with 10 hdc spacing.
20. (9sc,dec)*4 :40sc
21. 4sc,dec,(8sc,dec)*3,4sc :36sc
22. (7sc,dec)*4 :32sc
23. 3sc,dec,(6sc,dec)*3, 3sc :28sc
24. (5sc,dec)*4 :24sc
25. (2sc,dec)*6 :18sc
26. (sc,dec)*6 :12sc
27. (dec)*6 :6sc

Ears (make two)

yellow color yarn
1. Magic ring 6sc
2. 6inc: 12sc
3-4: 12sc
2 layers together, 5sc cut the rope

Hands (2 pieces)

yellow color yarn
1. Magic ring 6sc
2.6inc: 12sc
3 (sc, inc) * 6: 18sc
4-5: 18sc
6. (4sc * dec) * 3: 15sc
7. (3sc * dec) * 3: 12sc
8. (2sc * dec) * 3: 9sc
9-19: 9sc
Do not fill the handles too.

Feet (make two)

yellow color yarn
1. Magic ring 6sc
2 (inc) * 6: 12sc
3 (sc, inc) * 6: 18sc
4 (2sc, inc) * 6: 24sc
5-7: 24sc
8. 6sc ,(dec) * 6,6sc: 18sc

9. 6sc, (dec) * 3,6sc: 15sc
10.4sc, 3dec, 5sc: 12sc
11-13: 12sc
switch to green
14. (3sc, inc) * 3: 15sc
15. (4sc, inc) * 3: 18sc
16. (5sc, inc) * 3: 21sc
cut the rope, the other foot up to the same place.
Add the other leg by pulling 3 chains to cut the rope

17. 21sc, 3. ch to 3sc, 21sc, 3. ch to 3sc: 48sc
18-22: 48sc
13sc e.g. switch to yellow
23. blo: 48sc
24. (6sc, dec) * 6: 42sc
25: 42sc
26. (5sc, dec) * 6: 36sc
27: 36sc
28. (4sc, dec) * 6: 30sc

30 (8sc, dec) * 3: 27sc
31. 27sc
32. (7sc, dec) * 3: 24sc
33: 24sc
34. (6sc, dec) * 3: 21sc
35.row knitting arms add
35. 3sc, 9sc from arm and body, 3sc from arm and body, 6sc: 21sc
36. (5sc, dec) * 3: 18sc
37: 18sc


Pull 15 chains and cut 10 ropes of 8cm length (attach to the tail as in the picture)


23.row also fully revealed 9sc
1.4sc, 1 ch, turn
2.4sc, 1 ch, turn
25 chain check 25sc
2. Hang or ears crossed in the back ears of the head 17-18. Sew between rows of 9 cm long ropes for precise mane
Insert 2 rows of ears into each row, starting from the 15th row.

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