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Free Crochet Pattern for an Amigurumi Octopus

Designer: Lindsey Crochets
Instagram: @lindsey_crochets
Etsy Shop: LindseyCrochetsUS

Hello Amigurumi Lovers…
One of the free amigurumi crochet patterns we will share today is the Rainbow Octopus, whose photos and design belong to Lindsey Crochets (YouTube). You can learn how to crochet these octopus using the free amigurumi pattern. Thanks to Lindsey Crochets for this cute octopus.

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I used a 2.5 mm hook, 16 mm kawaii safety eyes, and an entire skein of red heart super saver retro stripe (236 yards). This pattern uses US crochet terms.



R1. ch 8, starting from the 2nd ch from the hook complete: 6 sc, inc. On the other side of the ch complete: 6 sc, inc (16).
R2. (3sc,inc)x4 (20)
R3. (4sc,inc)x4 (24)
R4. (2sc,inc)x8 (32)
R5. (3sc,inc)x8 (40)
R6. (4sc,inc)x8 (48)

R7. (5sc,inc)x8 (56)
R8. (6sc,inc)x8 (64)
R9. (7sc,inc)x8 (72)
R10. (8sc,inc)x8 (80)
R11. (9sc,inc)x8 (88)
R12-13. (2 rounds): 88 sc (88)
R14. (10sc,inc)x8 (96)
R15-32. (18 rounds): 96 sc (96)

R33. (10sc,dec)x8 (88)
R34-35. (2 rounds): 88 sc (88)
R36. (9sc,dec)x8 (80)
R37. (8sc,dec)x8 (72)
R38. (7sc,dec)x8 (64)
Insert safety eyes in between rounds 27 and 28 about 18 stitches apart.
Embroider mouth (using black yarn or embroidery thread) on rounds 28 and 29.
The mouth ı embroidered is 2 rounds tall and 4 stitches wide.

Stuff the octopus so far and continue to stuff as you go.
R39. BLO (6sc,dec)x8 (56)
R40. (5sc,dec)x8 (48)
R41. (4sc,dec)x8 (40)
R42. (3sc,dec)x8 (32)
R43. (2sc,dec)x8 (24)
R44. (sc,dec)x8 (16)
R45. dec x 8 (8)
You can finish off here or complete 2-4 more decreases to close the hole further.
Fasten off and weave in end.


Stuff as you go.
R1. ch 2, complete 6 sc in the 2nd ch from the hook (6)
R2. (2sc,inc)x2 (8)
R3. (3sc,inc)x2 (10)
R4. (4sc,inc)x2 (12)
R5. (5sc,inc)x2 (14)
R6. (6sc,inc)x2 (16)
R7-20. (14 rounds): 16 sc (16)

R21. Fold the top of the tentacle. You will now crochet 3 layers with 8 sc.
Insert your hook into the first two corresponding stitches of the tentacle.
Next, insert your hook into one of the leftover front loops of round 38 of the body.
Crochet closed with 1sc. Complete the next 7 sc crocheting through all three layers. Fasten off and weave in the end.

octopus-tentacle (2)

Complete rounds 1-27 more times.



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