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Free Crochet Pattern for Amigurumi Doll

One of the free amigurumi knit designs we will share today is the amigurumi doll, whose photographs and configuration have a place with Marina Design Crochet (@marina_design_crochet).. You can figure out how to sew these doll utilizing the free amigurumi design. Because of Marina Brichka for this sweet doll. 

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• Yarn YarnArt JEANS (50gr – 160m) (color №05, №61, №62)
• Yarn BBB Filaty Cotton Baby Soft (50gr – 179m) (color №03)
• Yarn acrylic for hair ¬ Safety eyes of black color – 5 mm
• Crochet hook – 2,0 mm •
• Lace for a skirt
• Pastel pieces of chalk of pink and red color

• Cotton fabric for a dress – 25 cm
• Sewing thread of white and black color
• Sewing needle
• Needle with a wide ear
• Brush for drawing a pastel
• Polyester fiberfill
• Wire – 8 mm


ch – chain
sc – single crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
sl st – slip stitch
dc – double crochet



Knitting begins with legs. Use skin color yarn.
We fill a leg in the course of knitting.
R1: Magic ring and 6 sc into it (6)
R2: 6 inc (12)
R3: (1 sc, 1 inc) × 5, 2 sc (17)
R4 to R9: 17 sc (17)

We change a yarn for orange.
R10: work in the back loop only. 17 sc (17)
R11 to R43: 17 sc (17)
We finish knitting, we cut off a thread.
In the same way we knit the second leg.

Note: We don’t cut off a thread after have stopped knitting the second leg. Further we will continue to knit a body and to connect legs!


R1: we connect two legs together. 3 sc on the second leg, 3 ch (we attach 3 ch to the first leg), 17 sc, sc in everyone ch, we continue knitting on the second leg, 17 sc.
R1: sc in each ch (40)
R3 to R8: 40 sc (40)
We finish knitting the 8th row on the middle of the back, we put a marker.
R9: 40 sl st (40)
We cut off a thread, we change color of a yarn for white.
R10: we knit for sc of the previous row (40)
R11 to R12: 40 sc (40)

R13: 3 sc, 1 dec, 10 sc, 1 dec, 6 sc, 1 dec, 10 sc, 1 dec, 3 sc, (36)
R14 to R15: 36 sc (36)
R16: (1 dec, 4 sc) × 6 (30)
R17 to R18: 30 sc (30)
R19: (1 dec, 3 sc) × 6 (24)
R20 to R21: 24 sc (24)
Fill the body with polyester fiberfill.
R22: (1 dec, 2 sc) × 6 (18)
R23: 18 sc (18)
R24: sl st in each sc (18)
Cut and fasten the thread.

Frills (Ruches)

Take a leg head over heels and find the last stitch of the 10th row.
We use a yarn of orange color. We work only with front loops. We pass a yarn through the first loop and we do 3 ch. In the same stitch we do 1 dc. Further in each loop until the end of a row we do a binding (2 dc). At the end of a row we do a sl st.


Starting with skin color yarn. We fill hands with a filler on 1/4 in the course of knitting, not densely.
R1: Magic ring and 6 sc into it (6)
R2: 5 inc, 1sc (11)
R3 to R6: 11 sc (11)
We cut off a thread, we change color of a yarn for white. R7 to R29: 11 sc (11)
Put a hand in half and crochet 4 sc. Fix a thread, leave the long end for sewing. Sew hands to a body between 21 and 22 rows.


Starting with skin color yarn.
R1: we knit for sc of the previous row (18)
R2: 1 sc, 1 inc, (2 sc, 1 inc) × 5, 1 sc (24)
R3: (3 sc, 1 inc) × 6 (30)
R4: 2 sc, 1 inc, (4 sc, 1 inc) × 5, 2 sc (36)
R5: (5 sc, 1 inc) × 6 (42)
R6: 3 sc, 1 inc, (6 sc, 1 inc) × 5, 3 sc (48)
R7 to R17: 48 sc (48)
Cut the thread.


Put in the eyes between 11 and 12 rows. Leaving 8 stitch space between them, fix them.

Further we continue to knit the head.

We take a wire of long about 8 cm and we insert into a neck.
We fill a neck with a filler densely.
We change color of a yarn for yellow (hair color).
R18: 48 sc (48)
R19: 3 sc, 1 dec, (6 sc, 1 dec) × 5, 3 sc (42)
R20: (5 sc, 1 dec) × 6 (36)

R21: 2 sc, 1 dec, (4 sc, 1 dec) × 5, 2 sc (30)
R22: (3 sc, 1 dec) × 6 (24)
R23: 1 sc, 1 dec, (2 sc, 1 dec) × 5, 1 sc (18)
R24: (1 sc, 1 dec) × 6 (12)
R25: 6 dec (6)
Fix and cut the thread.


Take the yellow yarn and cut into 30 cm long.
Then we enter a hook into a head loop, we take the thread put in half for the middle and we extend her. Stretch the ends of the thread through the formed loop and to tighten.
Continue in each loop, we circle. Finish in the middle of the head.


We take a piece of fabric about 25 cm. We turn in side parts of a cut on 0,5 mm. We turn in 2 times on 1 cm cut top, it isn’t less than 1 cm because we will insert a lace into this opening. We stitch close to the place of a bend to a white thread. We turn in a cut bottom 2 times on 0,5 mm, we stitch a white thread.
To crochet a lace by a yarn of orange color – 120 ch. To push in an opening for a lace.

Skirt From Lace
To cut off lace about 18 cm in size, being guided by doll waist volume. To sew the upper edges a white thread.

Wrap Scarf

Starting with light pink yarn.
To gather 48 ch for a tie, then we knit 16 ch for a wrap scarf.
R1: 1 ch of rise, 16 sc in the back loop only (16)
R2: 1 ch of rise, 16 sc in the back loop only (16)
R3 to R33: 16 sc (16)
To finish knitting in the 33rd row. We don’t cut off a thread, we continue to knit 48 ch for a tie.

Cheeks And Mouth

To put with a brush roundabouts a pastel to the area of cheeks. To moisten a brush and to put a pastel in the middle of the 7th row having taken 3sс.

Dress Up Doll

To put on a skirt from lace. To pull together dress top, to arrange at hand, to tie ties. Wrap scarf to put in half that ties have appeared behind, to arrange on a neck, from above hands, to tie ties.

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